Meet Placemate Team Member Colleen Milligan

An exercise physiologist and personal trainer by trade, Colleen has spent over 10 years in the sports and fitness industry, most recently in the lead physical therapy technician role at Tahoe Forest Physical Therapy in Truckee. Currently working towards her ​​master’s degree in human nutrition and functional medicine, Colleen is furthering her commitment to a science-based and patient-centered career.

While working towards her master’s degree, Colleen joined Placemate in 2021 to gain a different perspective and help the local workforce find new housing opportunities. With a background in healthcare, Colleen is able to utilize her problem-solving skills, customer service experience, and regulatory compliance knowledge in her day-to-day role.

As an Operations Associate at Placemate, Colleen is tasked with being the liaison between tenants and homeowners. Her ability to effectively educate tenants and explain multi-step processes to homeowners quickly and efficiently has been integral to Placemate’s success. Whether working in healthcare or championing affordable housing, Colleen’s focus remains on the pursuit of helping others.


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